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CS2 Update Summary - 07/01/2023

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The CS2 update includes several changes and improvements to the game. The major updates are as follows: Maps:

  • Mirage has been replaced with two new maps: Nuke and Office.

  • Nuke is now part of the competitive map pool after extensive testing.

  • Office is available for deathmatch and casual game modes.


  • Casual game mode has been added.


  • Rare cases where bullets did not follow the spray pattern have been fixed.


Distance effects have been added to positional sound sources.

  • Improvements have been made to 3D sound processing.

  • General mix tweaks and improvements have been implemented.

  • Various bug fixes related to sound occlusion and volume.


  • Grenades can now be inspected.

  • Healthshot animations have been improved.

  • Inspect behavior for various weapons has been enhanced.


  • Bug fixes for unintended slow crouch/uncrouch.

  • Bunny hopping now closely resembles the experience in CS:GO running at 128 tick rate.

  • Fine-tuning of bunny hop feel is now possible with a new console variable.

  • Maximum speed readout in cl_showpos now shows the last 3 seconds.

  • Jumping at the end of warmup time is no longer possible.


  • Game delta frames are now sent asynchronously, reducing server CPU usage and dropped ticks.


  • Various bug fixes related to weapon rendering, spectator mode, loading screen, and UI improvements.

The update aims to address specific issues, enhance gameplay mechanics, and provide a more authentic and stable experience for players.

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