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ESPORTS: Starfield's Cargo Link System

Beginners Guide to Starfield Outposts and Automation

Beginners Guide to Starfield Outposts and Automation

The upcoming space-exploration game, Starfield, introduces a new system known as the Cargo Link which allows players to connect and transfer resources between different outposts across systems.

Overview of the Cargo Link System

  • Purpose: The system is primarily designed to enable players to transfer large quantities of resources from one planet to another, aiding in faster and efficient outpost building. Furthermore, it's an excellent way for players to earn by transporting materials to designated locations.

  • Appearance: Cargo Links resemble landing pads with two distinct storage containers: a green one for incoming materials and a red one for outgoing materials.

Setting Up a Cargo Link

  1. Unlock Required Tech: Begin by unlocking the "Manufacturing I" in the tech tree. This will grant access to the Simple Fabricator, Small Warehouse, and the Cargo Links – Inter-system.

  2. Materials Required:

    • 12x Aluminum

    • 20x Iron

    • 2x Beryllium

    • 2x Zero Wire

MaterialQuantityAluminium12x, Iron20x, Beryllium2x, Zero Wire2x. While these can be harvested from habitable planets, they may also be purchased from various merchants across the galaxy.

  1. Construction: You can find Cargo Links in your build menu under 'Miscellaneous'. Once constructed, use the command console to establish connections between different outposts.

  2. Usage: Cargo links not only speed up mission times but also offer established supply lines on the frontier. Cargo ships will periodically arrive to transport materials to or from specified outposts.

  3. Reorganization: If players need to alter the transfer destinations, they can easily revisit the command console and adjust the cargo links.

  4. Attention: It's essential to ensure that incoming cargo's storage settings are appropriately managed. Failure to do so can lead to scattering of main storage materials to various locations, causing potential issues.

Base-Building Enhancements

Bethesda has enriched Starfield's base-building aspect by introducing various tech trees and building options. In addition to the basic structures, players focusing on maximizing their Science skill, especially in "Planetary Habitation", will be able to build over 40 outposts throughout the systems, achieving the dream of colonizing the stars.

In conclusion, the Cargo Link system in Starfield promises to add depth to the game's base-building mechanics, offering both seasoned gamers and newcomers an immersive experience in space exploration and outpost construction.

Here's a YouTube video on the Starfiled Beginner's Guide:

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