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How to play on Route 66 map in Overwatch 2?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The Route 66 map in Overwatch 2, one of America's most famous roads, takes players on a rocky mountain road through a small abandoned town to deliver their payload to the Deadlock Rebels' hideout. Route 66 has a dangerous cliffside early on the map and a good mix of wide and narrow spaces, making it an exciting Escort map to play on.

The Gas Station, Western Town Complex, and Bunker are the three sites where the Escort map of Route 66 is set. To win, players must lead the payload all the way to the end of the map. Since the map is set at night, visibility is limited.

General tips for Route 66 Map in Overwatch 2

Take advantage of Route 66's high ground

Route 66 in Overwatch 2 is littered with flat rooftops with long sightlines that serve as excellent vantage points for both attacking and defending teams. Snipers like Ashe and area-based damage dealers like Zarya, in particular, benefit from the high ground's vantage points.

Doomfist will defend the Gas Station

Doomfist is a great choice for defending the Route 66 Gas Station in Overwatch 2. With Seismic Slam, he can easily attack from and retreat towards the map's high ground, and with Rocket Punch and Meteor Strike, he can disrupt enemy positioning along the section's narrow road.

Doomfist's Rocket Punch is also useful in this section, as it has enough knockback to push people off the map on the first bend toward the Gas Station.

Prepare for the Tight Final Area

Route 66's final section, in contrast to the rest of the map in Overwatch 2, is a cramped and enclosed area better suited for medium-range firefights. It's recommended to use Heroes like Junkrat, Reaper, and Hanzo, who excel at fighting and holding down in narrow pathways and choke points.

Most Effective Team composition for Route 66 map in Overwatch 2


Winston can use Jump Pack to quickly close the distance between key enemy targets and teammates in need, and Tesla Cannon to quickly wear down isolated foes.

On Route 66, his Barrier Projector is a powerful defensive tool, blocking enemy sniper fire when crossing long sightlines and controlling space when securing the payload.

Primal Rage excels at disrupting the enemy team's positioning and has the potential to knock opponents into environmental hazards.


Sojourn's Railgun can deal with both close-range fighters and enemy snipers, especially when empowered by her Overclock ultimate in Overwatch 2. With its high-damage area of effect, her Disruptor Shot is also useful for area denial and pushing through choke points.

She also has Power Slide, a powerful mobility tool capable of crossing sightlines and reaching vantage points in a single use.


Sombra can use Stealth to quickly flank enemy backlines unseen before using Hack to disable and eliminate enemy snipers and other critical targets. Sombra's Hack also grants her and her team greater control over Route 66's Health Packs, preventing the opposing team from using them.

EMP acts as a devastating initiation tool when fighting for control of the payload, inflicting Hack and dealing massive percentage-based damage to all nearby foes.


Ana's Biotic Rifle provides excellent single-target healing and supportive fire, especially with Route 66's long sightlines and vantage points. Ana also possesses potent support tools in the form of Biotic Grenade and Sleep Dart, both of which are extremely useful in team fights centered on the payload.

Winston and Sojourn respond strongly to Nano Boost, enhancing both their damage output and durability.


Lucio gives his team more mobility with Speed Boost and Amp It Up, enabling them to secure the payload and get closer to important enemy targets more quickly. He also provides a lot of healing and survivability in team fights with Healing Boost and Sound Barrier.

Lucio's Soundwave is also very useful in Route 66, as it can push enemies into the map's environmental hazards.

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