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"Only competition to me, is AI me" – Dr DisRespect announces 'revolutionary AI technology'

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

YouTube Gaming icon Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV, aka "Dr DisRespect," took to Twitter on November 4, 2022, to announce a "revolutionary AI technology" that will help content creators.

He revealed that the technology will help influencers create "AI voices," "AI avatars," and "AI voiceovers with more emotions."

The announcement also said:

"The only competition to me, is AI me."

Dr DisRespect gives a demo of his AI technology, fans react

To demonstrate his AI technology's capabilities, Dr DisRespect shared a 58-second clip where he can be seen hosting a press conference and answering questions.

An AI-fueled Dr DisRespect appeared on the screen and asked the streamer to comment on the gaming moment that featured him playing Deadrop, an upcoming vertical battle royale by his AAA studio:

"Doc, Doc! Big fan here. Your new game Deadrop looks game changing! Care to comment on this clip of you playing it? Where are you going?! Come on, Champ! You're looking like Timmy Tenders out there!"

The demo continued with the AI asking the content creator to react to another gaming clip:

"Heh, damage check. Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What is this guy doing?! Hey, GGs man! But, where was the violence? The speed?"

The clip concluded with The Doc saying:

"I... did we just not see me throw the football 70 yards? I'm not here to talk video games, right now. I'm here to talk football. All right, next question, please!"

The announcement gained a lot of traction on Twitter, as more than 60 streaming and gaming community members joined the reaction thread.

One Twitter user suggested that the technology was "just a soundboard":

BoomTV's official Twitter handle replied and used the aforementioned Dr DisRespect AI avatar and voice to confirm that "it was not a soundboard":

"This is going out to @a_lex661 on Twitter. Well Alex, this is not just a soundboard, my friend!"

Prominent Twitch streamer Ewok stated that he could finally do voiceovers for his YouTube videos:

Several followers claimed the idea was interesting:

Twitter user @slyasf_ stated that the Doc is the "Shaquille O'Neal of gaming and content creation":

Here are some more relevant fan reactions:

Dr DisRespect is one of the most popular personalities in the streaming industry. He moved to YouTube Gaming after he was mysteriously banned from Twitch in 2020.

The Doc is primarily an FPS gamer, having played and streamed popular titles like Apex Legends, Halo, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on his channel.

The streamer hosts regular gaming broadcasts on his YouTube Gaming channel. He currently has over 4.1 million subscribers and 311 million video views.

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