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Overwatch 2 Season 2 Tank Hero Tier List

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Overwatch 2 Season 2 has 11 tank heroes, each with unique abilities and a playstyle. This article provides a tier list of all 11 tank heroes in Overwatch 2, ranking them based on their overall effectiveness in competitive play.

It's important to note that this tier list is intuitive and is subject to change as meta shifts and new heroes are introduced. It's also worth noting that personal preference and playstyle will always play a role in how effective a hero is for a player, so it's essential to try out different heroes and see what works best.

Ranking the Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2


Reinhardt: Starting with the S-Tier tank heroes, Reinhardt is a classic tank hero who excels at protecting his team and disrupting the enemy team with his shield and hammer.

His shield is handy for blocking incoming damage and allowing his team to push forward, and his hammer can knock enemies back or deal damage from a distance.

Orisa is a strong all-around tank hero who excels at holding positions and covering her team.

Her shield is an excellent tool for protecting herself and her team, and any player can use her Halt ability to set up kills or disrupt the enemy team.

Sigma: Sigma is a tank hero who excels at disrupting the enemy team and controlling space with various abilities.

His Kinetic Grasp ability allows him to absorb incoming damage and turn it into shields. Gamers can use his Gravitic Flux ultimate to launch enemies into the air and set up kills.


Roadhog: In A-Tier, Roadhog is a tank hero that excels at single-target damage and crowd control.

His Chain Hook ability can pull enemies out of position and set up kills, and his Scrap Gun can deal severe damage at close range.

D.Va: D.Va is a mobile tank hero that excels at disrupting the enemy team and providing cover for her team.

Her Defense Matrix ability can absorb incoming damage, and her Booster ability allows her to reposition or escape danger quickly.

Zarya: Zarya is a tank hero that excels at protecting her team and dealing damage with her Particle Cannon.

Her Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier abilities allow her to absorb incoming damage and protect her team. Players can use her Graviton Surge ultimate to set up kills or disrupt the enemy team.

Ramattra: According to Blizzard, Ramattra is known as "Overwatch 2's first tempo tank". He is capable of transforming between forms as the pace of battle changes. In his Omnic form, Ramattra is better suited for long-distance protection, while his Nemesis form excels at causing close-range chaos.

Ramattra was revealed earlier this month as a powerful and dangerous Omnic robot who leads the Overwatch antagonist group known as the Null Sector, a terrorist organization dedicated to Omnic rights.


Winston: In B-Tier, Winston is a tank hero who excels at disrupting the enemy team and providing cover for his team.

Gamers can use his Barrier Projector ability to protect themselves and their team, and his Primal Rage ultimate can be used to deal significant damage and knock enemies back.

Wrecking Ball: Wrecking Ball is a mobile tank hero that excels at disrupting the enemy team and providing cover for his team.

His Grappling Claw ability allows him to reposition quickly, and his Adaptive Shield ability can absorb incoming damage.

Doomfist: Doomfist is a tank hero in Overwatch 2 known for his close-range combat and disruption abilities. He has a gauntlet for primary attacks and can knock enemies off balance with his secondary abilities.

His ultimate, Meteor Strike, allows him to cause damage and knockbacks with a ground slam. Doomfist also has the passive ability of a Rising Uppercut, which launches enemies into the air. He excels at disrupting enemy teams and creating openings for allies.


Brigitte (Special Mention) : In the C-Tier, Brigitte is a support hero that can also function as a tank.

While she has some crowd control abilities and can provide cover for her team with her Barrier Shield, she lacks the raw damage output and mobility of other tank heroes.

Junker Queen: Junker Queen is designed to keep on attacking. While Blizzard may classify her as a tank, she primarily functions as a heavy-hitting, slow DPS character.

With a relatively small amount of HP and only the ability to buff with Commanding Shout, Junker Queen requires a more aggressive playstyle than some may be accustomed to in Overwatch 2.

It's worth noting that all of the tank heroes in Overwatch 2 have their unique strengths and can be effective in the right hands. While some may be stronger in certain situations, it's always essential to have a balanced team composition and to play to each hero's strengths in Overwatch 2.

This list is based on the overall effectiveness of each hero in competitive play. Still, it's important to remember that personal preference and playstyle will always affect how well a hero performs for a player in Overwatch 2.

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