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The Ongoing Debate: CS2 Server Tick Rates and Valve's Claims

computer tick rate

The world of video gaming, especially in the realm of ESPORTS & Video Gaming, is no stranger to debates and discussions. One such debate that has been a point of contention for the longest time is the optimal tick rate for Counter-Strike servers. With the introduction of CS2, this age-old debate has found new life.

What is Tick Rate?

Before diving into the debate, it's essential to understand what tick rate means in the context of video gaming. In simple terms, the tick rate of a server determines how often it updates the game data. A higher tick rate means more frequent updates, leading to smoother gameplay and more accurate player actions.

The Current Scenario

FACEIT, a renowned third-party matchmaking system popular in the ESPORTS Gaming & Video Gaming community, has announced that its CS2 servers will operate at a 128 tick rate. This is in stark contrast to Valve's official servers, which continue to operate at 64 ticks.

Despite Valve's claims about their new sub-tick update system making these disparities irrelevant, the gaming community remains divided. This division is evident from the experiences shared by former CSGO professional player, kennyS. He noted the improved accuracy and responsiveness on FACEIT’s servers, emphasizing the genuine feel of shots and the precision of pistols and sprays. However, he also raised the question of whether this was merely a placebo effect.

Another point of contention is the AK-47’s performance on official servers. Many players have found its performance unreliable. Interestingly, adjusting the “cl_updaterate” to 128 seemed to rectify this, further fueling the argument for 128 tick servers.

The Vault Ohio and ESPORTS Gaming

The Vault Ohio, a hub for video gaming enthusiasts, has always emphasized the importance of optimal server performance for a seamless gaming experience. As the debate around tick rates continues, platforms like The Vault Ohio play a crucial role in educating gamers and providing them with the best resources.


The debate around the optimal tick rate for CS2 servers is far from over. While third-party platforms like FACEIT offer higher tick rates, Valve's claims about their new update system challenge the status quo. As the ESPORTS Gaming community continues to grow, ensuring optimal server performance will remain a priority for all stakeholders.

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