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Top Characters for Beginners in Street Fighter 6

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

If you're a newcomer to Street Fighter 6, you might be wondering which characters are the best to start with. Here are some suggestions from the search results:

  1. Ryu123

  2. Luke412

  3. Marisa4526

  4. Ken412

  5. Lily4526

These characters are generally considered to have simpler and more straightforward fighting styles, making them easier for beginners to learn. They have special moves that are easier to memorize and pull off, and they excel against a wider range of counter opponents. It's important to note that these are not the only characters available for new players, and you should try out different characters to see which ones you like best. You can also consider using Modern Controls at first to learn each character's moves and combos more easily.


Ryu is considered one of the best Street Fighter 6 beginner characters. Here are some reasons why:Pros:

  • Ryu is the most standard character and the archetype that other Street Fighter characters are built on1.

  • He is versatile in his moveset and can be played as a rushdown character with intense fast up-close fighting moments, but he also has plenty of other tools for creating space.

  • Ryu's kit includes Hadoukens and other tools for creating space.

  • He is a balanced character with plenty of offensive and defensive options.


  • Ryu focuses intensely on up-close combat rather than ranged attacks, so it’s important to be on the defensive rather than leaving yourself open for attack.

Overall, Ryu is a great place to start for beginners as he has a straightforward kit that can be taken pretty far, and he is versatile in his moveset.


Luke is one of the best Street Fighter 6 beginner characters. He is the title character for Street Fighter 6, appearing on the game's cover and all of its promotion. If you play through solo content before you start online, you'll be getting used to Luke's play style before anyone else, making him a perfect fit as a Street Fighter 6 character for beginners. Luke is not too fast nor too heavy, so he’s a perfect middle ground for a new player. According to a guide on TheGamer, Luke excels when his opponent is in the corner, and he can take advantage of target combos, wall bounces, and more. If you're doing World Tour first or just clicked with him in the early stages of the game, stick with him.


Marisa is a character in Street Fighter 6 that is recommended for beginners who prefer playing with heavyweights. She is slower but can hit hard, which fits the heavier character type in Street Fighter. Here are some details about Marisa as a beginner character:Pros:

  • Easiest heavyweight to pick up immediately12

  • Simple game plan that's easy to understand3

  • Many unique attacks that can become more powerful3

  • Slow but brutally powerful fighter4

  • Has armor on several attacks, making her hard to approach4


  • Slower than other characters12

  • Playing her as a beginner character will force you to master defense and space your own attacks out1

If you're interested in playing Marisa, there are several resources available to help you learn how to play her effectively. You can find character guides, move lists, combos, tips, and more on websites like Screen Rant,, and PC Invasion. You can also find video guides on YouTube.


Ken is one of the best Street Fighter 6 beginner characters, even though he is similar to Ryu and Luke in some ways. Ken's moveset heavily relies on kicks rather than Ryu's punches, which means he has different sets of light, medium, and heavy attacks. Ken's slight differences can push you to play aggressively. Even compared to Ryu, he’s definitely a rushdown character. You’ll need to balance heavier kicks with up-close brawling. There are some tools for controlling space with Hadoukens, but Ken’s kit is going to mean getting up close. It can be frustrating if you get caught in a combo, but Ken’s style is perfect for getting up to speed and one of the best Street Fighter 6 characters for beginners. Even if you’re brand new, you might recognize him from the SF prequel comic too.


Lily is another of the best Street Fighter 6 beginner characters to be brand new to the series! She has a particularly unique moveset among these characters though. She has moves which allow her to engage from range, she’s lightweight and has a fast movement speed. Kind of like playing Marisa as a beginner character, Lily is great for focusing on a different archetype.

Lily doesn’t have a projectile move, but attacks have a range which removes the need for one. You’ll need to use her controls to get comfortable engaging from the right distance and keeping your opponents at the distance where you can handle them. One of her best moves is a very powerful grab and super art, two moves that aren’t too easy to pull off. Building a beginner’s playstyle around this could help you master the fundamentals pretty quickly.

Where to Go After the Best Street Fighter 6 Beginner Characters?

it's important to note that these are not the only characters available for beginners, and players should try out different characters to find the one that suits their playstyle best. Once you've found your main, mastering their moves and combos will be important for rising up the ranks in Street Fighter 6. While it's still early days for the game, upcoming Fighting Game esports events like DreamHack Dallas may be worth watching to see how pros are performing with different characters and strategies.

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