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Warzone 2 leak hints at a popular Caldera QOL feature returning in Season 2

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

With the official release date of Warzone 2 Season 2 rapidly approaching, the hype and excitement surrounding Activion's popular battle royale title has skyrocketed in the last few days. Fans are eager for as much information as possible before the next season officially drops, with leakers constantly providing new details to keep the community satisfied.

According to MWIIINTEL, a fairly popular feature from Warzone Caldera might be returning to the game, albeit in a different form. The franchise's eagle-eyed community noticed something interesting in the background of the official promo image for Season 2. While it hasn't been specifically mentioned yet, several fans have claimed that it's the Redeploy Balloons feature from the previous title.

In their tweet, MWIIINTEL stated:

“The thing people think are redeploy balloons in the right of the background are 'Redeploy Drones.' Not sure if this is a field upgrade or something else completely.”

To learn more about the upcoming Season 2 update and the leak, read below.

'Redeploy balloons' are returning to Warzone 2 with a reskin

In the past, popular Call of Duty leaker TheGhostofHope posted an image of the 'Redeploy Balloons' from Warzone Caldera and revealed that the feature would be "reskinned/renamed" as 'Redeploy Drones' in Warzone 2.

Given that Caldera was set in the World War 2 era and Warzone 2 is based entirely on modern-day warfare, the idea of renaming a particular feature with a technological overhaul would be feasible and something that the community would likely enjoy.

For those unaware of this feature, Redeploy Balloons were used as an escape mechanism for players to rapidly move across the map. Players could hook themselves up to these balloons, immediately propelling them into the sky. It was generally used as an emergency measure to escape the gas or enemies in the previous game.

While it's unconfirmed if a similar feature will be available in the next season of Warzone 2 or not, the feature in the promo image is surely something interesting that's forthcoming.

Warzone 2 is bringing back the incredibly popular Resurgence map to the game. This time, it will be on a Japanese island called Ashika Island. Additionally, the franchise has revealed a tac map as well as an overview of the POIs on this upcoming map. Fans can check out Call of Duty's official blog to learn what's arriving next in the popular battle royale title.

Call of Duty is yet to officially reveal any more information about Season 2. Based on their blog post, the Season 2 roadmap will be released on February 8, which should give the community a clearer idea of what's coming next season.

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