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What are Strongholds and Black Sites in Warzone 2?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Call of Duty Warzone 2 will have plenty of content for players, with the first season underway.

Activision has already given fans a glimpse of all the content that will be added to the game as it tries to emulate the success of Warzone. Players will be getting a healthy blend of new events and the return of traditional game modes.

When Warzone was introduced, players loved the amalgamation of the Battle Royale game mode with the standard features of Call of Duty titles. While the popular game mode returns in Warzone 2, DMZ is completely new.

Something that will be common across both game modes is the presence of Strongholds and Black Sites. These special regions will be spread across different areas of the map and can be unlocked upon the fulfillment of certain conditions.

Given their unique nature, Strongholds and Black Sites will not always be available. Thankfully, Activision has already briefed fans about how the two special zones will work in all applicable game modes.

How to find and win Strongholds and Black Site regions in Call of Duty Warzone 2

As mentioned earlier, Strongholds and Black sites will apply to the Battle Royale and DMZ game modes. Their implementation will differ based on the game mode being played.

Strongholds will be marked by large green castle icons on the maps of the Battle Royale and DMZ game modes. They will have many AI-controlled opponents for players to get rid of.

In a Battle Royale match, three Strongholds will be activated at the beginning, but players will not need a key to access them.

The number of Strongholds in DMZ will likely be higher. Players will need a key to access the zones, which can be found all over the map.

Once players are in, they will have to clear all the challenges that they encounter to earn rewards. Aside from AI-controlled enemies, other player-controlled squads will also be able to enter the zones. Since some great rewards are available in the zones, Strongholds are hubs full of activity.

If Warzone 2 players want to take more significant risks, Black Sites are perfect for them. These zones are only available in the Battle Royale mode, and they're an upgraded version of Strongholds.

Players will require a Black Site key to access these zones. To obtain one, they must be the first to clear a Stronghold.

Black Sites are marked with skull icons in Warzone 2 and offer complex challenges. Players are required to fight tougher enemies, including a special Juggernaut boss who will have to be beaten to unlock all the rewards.

Black Sites are dangerous zones, but they offer players a vast array of rewards upon completion. A triumphant squad will gain a Permanent Weapon blueprint that is usable across all game modes.

Players will also gain different Legendary items and a permanent UAV of the area surrounding the Black Site during a live match. These offerings could be the big difference between victory and defeat.

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