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Unlock Your Skills Now, Enter the Arena and Forge Your Legacy


Ready to step into the virtual world? Book your VR session now at TheVaultOhio and prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

Elevate your team building experience with TheVaultOhio 's Virtual Reality adventures. Perfect for groups of colleagues or friends, our VR experiences strengthen teamwork and offer a unique, fun way to bond.

TheVaultOhio: VR Team Building Adventure

Transform Team Dynamics with Unforgettable Virtual Reality Adventures!

Enter the Virtual Arena

Why Choose VR Gaming at The Vault?

  • Our VR team building sessions are more than just games—they are meticulously designed to foster collaboration, enhance problem-solving skills, and offer a unique way to challenge and understand team dynamics in a fun, safe, and interactive environment.

Tailored VR Escapades

  • 1-Hour Power Session: Ideal for up to nine participants, our 1-hour VR experience is perfect for teams seeking a quick yet impactful bonding session. Easily book your slot on our booking page.

  • Extended Team Building Events: For groups desiring a more in-depth experience, our 2+ hour private events offer ample quality time. We welcome you to bring your own food and drinks, or leave it to us for hassle-free arrangements. For those 21 and over, BYOB is an option.

Book Your VR Experience Today!

State-of-the-Art VR Stations & Rooms

High-Tech VR Stations and rooms:  Immerse yourselves in a VR world where communication and teamwork take on a new dimension.

Virtual RealityTeam Building& Private Events

Virtual Reality Corporate Team Building
  • Optimal Duration Recommendations:

    • 2 hours for groups of 9-18 guests

    • 3 hours for groups of 19-24 guests

    • 4 hours for groups of 25 or more guests

Flexible Booking for All Group Sizes

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