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Unlock Your Skills Now, Enter the Arena and Forge Your Legacy



TheVaultOhio stands as the largest ESPORTS and video gaming center in Ohio, offering an unparalleled gaming experience with a dedicated 1 Gigabit per second fiber optic connection. It is equipped with high-performance gaming PCs, featuring Intel i7 - 14th Gen processors, RTX 4070 WINDFORCE 12GB graphics cards, 32GB of RAM, and high-refresh-rate monitors.

The center boasts the latest collection of games for PC, consoles, and Virtual Reality platforms, catering to a diverse audience including casual players, ESPORTS professionals, and beginners. As a premiere regional tournament gaming hub that supports high school ESPORTS,

TheVaultOhio aims to unite people through their love of gaming in a comprehensive environment. With food and drinks available, it enhances the gaming atmosphere, creating an inclusive and welcoming space for gamers of all skill levels. Located in Portsmouth, Ohio, TheVaultOhio is recognized as the go-to place for ESPORTS, Virtual Reality, and video gaming in the region, proving that great gaming experiences can be found in the most unsuspecting places.

Discover Your Gaming Identity: Exploring The Diverse Experiences at TheVaultOhio

Who Are You?

  • Casual Gamer:  Seeking a fun, social gaming experience?

  • Competitive Gamer:  Looking for a platform to hone your skills and compete?

  • Gaming Enthusiast: Interested in the latest gaming tech and trends?

  • Newcomer to Gaming:  Seeking to learn and immerse yourself in the gaming world

What TheVaultOhio Offers You

  • Social gaming spaces

  • High-end gaming equipment

  • Competitive gaming opportunities

  • Organized tournaments and leagues

  • High school ESPORTS

  • Training and workshops

  • Memberships

  • Pay-by-the hour

  • Food, drinks and merchandise

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