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Lock-in Parties

Read our Code of Conduct HERE

Guidelines Are Below This Section

  • What's Happening? A night full of games at TheVaultOhio called the Lock-In.

  • ** When you click the RSVP button for a particular date, you can select a different date by clicking the "Different Date at the middle of the page ****

  • 10 + participants are needed before the event can take place, Register Now!

  • Cost? $35 per participant.

  • When?  Friday Nights (Ages 13 -17)  & Saturday Nights (Ages 18+).  Starts at  10 pm and runs through 9 am the next morning — 11 hours of gaming fun!

  • What You Get:

    • Unlimited PC & Console gaming with limited VR Gaming all night long.

  • Meet and Mingle: Great chance to meet other gamers, whether you come alone or with friends.

  • Games Galore: Wide variety of games from popular hits to hidden gems on top-notch gaming systems.

  • Exciting Mini-Events: Competitions and trivia with a chance to win real prizes.

  • How to Join: Click the "Reserve Your Spot Now!"  below to secure your spot.

  • Don’t Miss Out: It’s not just about gaming; it's about having an unforgettable night of fun, food, and friendship at TheVaultOhio's Lock-In.


TheVaultOhio: Exclusive Lock-In Event Guidelines

Supervision Requirement
  • Adults must sign a Waiver/Release Form.

  • Kids under 13 need an adult with them at all times during the event.

Emergency Contact

We require two emergency contact details for all gamers under age 17 to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Adherence to Rules

Must adhere to TheVaultOhio's gaming rules, Code of Conduct, and guidelines for everyone's enjoyment and safety.

Consent for Young Gamers

Players aged 13 to 17 need a consent form on file, agreeing to the gaming environment's rules, acknowledging and understanding and agreement to our gaming environment's rules.

Management Rights

 TheVaultOhio reserves the right to remove any participant from the event at our discretion to maintain a positive and safe gaming environment.

Guardian Responsibility

Guardians must ensure minors stay on the premises throughout the event.

For a safe and enjoyable gaming experience at TheVaultOhio, we've established a few essential house rules:

Drop Off and Pick Up Policy

Parents are responsible for both checking in and picking up their child. The pickup must occur before or by 8:00 a.m. the following morning. There is a 10-minute grace period after the 9:00 a.m. deadline. If a child is not picked up by 9:15 a.m., there will be an additional charge of $15 for every 5 minutes past the grace period. Children can be picked up at any time during the Lock-In Party.  Photo ID of the person picking up the child is required.

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