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TheVaultOhio Code of Conduct

Welcome to TheVaultOhio – your premier destination for ESPORTS reality gaming experiences! We are dedicated to providing a safe, enjoyable, and respectful environment for all our guests. Adherence to our Code of Conduct ensures everyone has a fantastic time at The Vault Ohio. By entering our premises, you agree to follow these guidelines. Non-compliance may lead to removal from the premises and further action if necessary.

Reporting Incidents: If you witness or experience any form of harassment or violation of our Code of Conduct at TheVaultOhio, please immediately inform a staff member or submit a report through our designated forms.

Guest Responsibilities:

  • TheVaultOhio expects all patrons to encourage a positive image. Be aware that this establishment is all-inclusive and intended for people and families of all ages. Foul language, shouting, and rude behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Respect fellow gamers and staff members at all times.

  • Demonstrate fair play and sportsmanship with other guests.

  • Use only Spill Proof mug/cup in gaming areas and keep them away from gaming equipment.

  • Refrain from bringing external food items into the gaming arena.

  • Report any breaches of the Code of Conduct to on-duty staff or via our reporting system.

  • Act in an honest and ethical manner.

  • Respect the physical and emotional well-being and the dignity of teammates, competitors, staff, and patrons.

  • Respect all public and personal property and equipment belonging to the TheVaultOhio.

Prohibited Behaviors:

The following actions are strictly prohibited within The Vault Ohio and may lead to disciplinary measures:

  • Engaging in cheating, illegal activities, or any form of unethical gaming conduct.

  • Displaying toxic behaviors, including but not limited to threats, lewd remarks, stalking, physical confrontations, use of obscene language, “rage quitting,” and other forms of intimidation.

  • Harassment of any kind, especially that which targets an individual's gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, origin, physical ability, genetic information, religion, veteran status, or age.

  • Intentionally causing damage to any property of The Vault Ohio or associated entities.


Remember, TheVaultOhio is more than a gaming arena; it's a community where respect, integrity, and the spirit of gaming are paramount. Let's keep our arena a welcoming space for all gaming enthusiasts!

Visit TheVaultOhio for more information on our games, events, and policies.

Code of Conduct - THe Vault Ohio
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