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Play Scholastic ESPORTS

Scholastic ESPORTS at TheVaultOhio

Where Everyone Plays

Elementry School ESPORTS

Enabling students to do what they love and providing them with additional opportunities to earn recognition while developing priceless critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

Middle School ESPORTS

Students develop the same skills as other sports: teamwork, communication, problem solving, strategy development, coordination, and creative thinking.

The Middle School ESPORTS League allows these key skills to develop through safe and secure ESPORTS competitions. 

High School


Recognized as a sanctioned high school sport, we offer  students character growth, student engagement, STEAM skill growth, socialization skills & GPA improvement.

How To Register For The ESPORTS  League At Your School


Click here for the contact person at your school or click here to contact TheVaultOhio for help

The Vault Ohio ESPORTS and Video Gaming
The Vault Ohio ESPORTS and Video Gaming

Scholastic ESPORTS

ESPORTS is a unique high school, middle school & elementary school sport, embracing both genders and welcoming all students, including those who might not typically engage in school activities or traditional athletics. Anchored in technology, ESPORTS offers a seamless route for students aspiring to pursue STEAM-related fields in college.

Scholastic ESPORTS

A Structured, Coached Experience

By incorporating ESPORTS into the school curricula, students are granted the invaluable opportunity to pursue their passions while concurrently expanding their horizons, discovering additional avenues for acclaim, and honing indispensable proficiency in critical thinking and social skills.

What are the transformations of Scholastic ESPORTS?

Character Growth

Students cultivate integrity and foster resilience as they engage in rigorous training and spirited contests, thereby nurturing discipline, bolstering self-assurance, and fostering a profound sense of sportsmanship.

Student Engagement

S.T.E.M. Skill Growth

Socialization Skills

Industry Experience

GPA Improvement

Noteworthy testimonials from both educators and parents abound, attesting to a resurgent enthusiasm towards academic pursuits and a notable upswing in scholastic achievements emanating from active involvement in Scholastic ESPORTS.

Within the realm of ESPORTS, a realm still in its relative infancy, a plethora of career possibilities abound, ranging from the captivating role of on-screen sports analysts to the visionary expertise of back-end engineers responsible for crafting the very foundations of these games.

Many young students are already deeply enthusiastic about gaming, and the world of ESPORTS provides them with a friendly and supportive community. Here, they come together, building strong connections and friendships based on their shared love for gaming.

ESPORTS stands out as the singular  school sport that embraces co-education and inclusivity, captivating students who might otherwise refrain from engaging in conventional school activities or athletic pursuits.

At the core of ESPORTS lies a profound reliance on technology, forging an innate trajectory for students who aspire to delve into college majors within the S.T.E.A.M. domain.

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