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7 Tips To Become An Esports Pro Player

Here are 7 tips to get started as a professional esports player.

Becoming an esports pro player is a dream for many gamers. But how do you turn a gaming hobby into a real job?

Practice, practice, practice

There is no better way to become an esports pro than to work everyday towards this goal. Video games can be a leisure activity, but if you want to make a living out of gaming you will need to put in the work.

Practice your aim and game sense to climb the ranks and eventually get noticed by an esports team. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. So don’t be afraid of trying hard!

Watch your own replays

Have you ever watched an esports pro stream and thought “yeah, I could do better than that”? It is because watching a game from a spectator’s view gives you way more insight into what is going on. You can see mistakes more easily, especially when it comes to positioning.

Watching your replays will help you understand your mistakes better and also highlight your strengths. You can use these replays to find your weaknesses and correct them in your next game.

Organize your gaming time

One of the best ways to quickly improve is to develop muscle memory. Even if it is just your fingers, every muscle needs proper warm-up to work at maximal efficacy. Before starting a game, warm up your muscles with some quick games.

Habits are also important if you want to take your gaming passion to a professional level. The key is not to play 23 hours in a day and then nothing the next, but rather play at least a little every day.

If you are a streamer, chances are you already have a schedule of your gaming time. If not, simply consider adding a 15 minutes warm-up before each game, and then practice for at least a couple of games every day.

Gear up

If you can afford it, try upgrading your gear. A better mouse or more processing power could make a difference in your games. While it may feel like a luxury for some, if you mean business then you need the appropriate tools.

Select a mouse and keyboard you feel comfortable with. There are various methods to find your perfect sensitivity, so don’t forget to optimize your gear so it fits your needs.

Join online tournaments

The best way to get scouted by a team is to draw their attention to your skills. You can do so by joining a tournament, as most matches will be seen by many viewers. Hopefully, an esports team scout will be among them and reach out if you perform well.

Even if you don’t get scouted in a tournament, this is a good chance to practice in a high-pressure environment against worthy opponents.

Reach out to teams

The best way to get under a team’s radar is to simply reach out to the organization. There are millions of players around the world, so you have to make an impression to get noticed. Join Discord servers, take part in conversations and hop on scrims whenever you can.

Some professional teams also hold open trials to find new players. Those who perform well during these trials can also get a place within the team and become an esports pro player.

Get inspired

Watching professional gamers play can give you some perspective on some of your own mistakes. You could even discover ways to improve or tips for a specific situation. Sites such as PlayersHive are committed to all things esports and are great for helping you find esports players and teams all over the world.

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